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5 x 5

Mexican-style amber lager
5.5 ABV


Mexican-style amber lager
5.5 ABV

This Mexican-Style amber lager was created as a craft expression of our Head Brewer and Owner’s favorite Mexican beers. And just like those beers, don’t let yourself be fooled by the darker color. This Lager drinks so crisp, clean, and smooth, it is the perfect summertime beer. Fantastic as is, right from the tap, but designed to take that squeeze of lime or even better, to serve as the base for an amazing Michelada. Just add ice, michi mix, lime, and 5×5 to a glass rimmed in chamoy and rolled in Tajin. Then head to your swim up bar and imagine the Mexican heat at your own personal Mexican getaway. Salud!

Tasting Notes: clean lagered profile; flavors of toast and malt with hints of caramel and roast; underpinned with mild hop spiciness.

9th Circle

Hard Soda

Abbot’s Habit

8.3 ABV



Belgian Quad
10.2 ABV

Aged for 4 months in Tobin James Zinfandel barrels on Murray Farms Organic Cherries.

Anniversary Ale 2022

Double Red Ale
8.5 ABV


Barrel-Aged Belgian Tripel
9.5 ABV

Auld Brun

Brown Porter
4.7 ABV

Robust Brown Ale.  Complex malt profile with caramel, toffee, and nut flavors and a rich chocolate overtone.  This smooth, full-bodied porter is still highly sessionable and will make it difficult to have just one. Both Nitro and CO2 available.


7.2 ABV

Blood Red Rye

Irish Red
5.3 ABV

Traditional Irish Red. Light bodied with roasted and caramel notes. The addition of Rye Malt to the grain bill adds complexity and lends a spicy, herbaceous element.  As if that wasn’t enough, we added dark organic maple syrup, which delivers woody/floral aromas and a dry finish.


8.25 ABV

DDH honey double India pale ale.

Crusader’s Covenant

Coffee Nut Brown Ale
4.7 ABV

This beer perfectly combines our Mercenary with a blend of Covenant Coffee.

Daily Bread

5.2 ABV

As traditional a hefeweizen as you are likely to find outside of Bavaria. While this Hef might not be sanctified, we sure think it’s at least blessed. Unlike most American Hefs, this wheat beer strikes a balance between the banana and clove flavors, trading in-your face banana for a complex blend of flavors. Rich and bready but still delicate and drinkable, this beer will have you praying for it daily.

Dunkel Brot

5.1 ABV

“Dark Bread” in German, Dunkel Brot is the sister beer to our Daily Bread. This Bavarian-Style wheat beer has the same banana and clove flavors with the addition of rich caramel and cookie notes while still maintaining the same clean drinkability. Prost!

Ghost Rider

Helles Lager
4.8 ABV