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Mexican-style amber lager
5.5 ABV

Mexican-style amber lager

Abbot’s Habit

8.3 ABV



Belgian Quad
10.2 ABV

Aged for 4 months in Tobin James Zinfandel barrels on Murray Farms Organic Cherries.



Auld Brun

Brown Porter
4.5 ABV

Robust Brown Ale.  Complex malt profile with caramel, toffee, and nut flavors and a rich chocolate overtone.  This smooth, full-bodied porter is still highly sessionable and will make it difficult to have just one. Both Nitro and CO2 available.


7.2 ABV

Ask for details in taproom

Barrel-aged Belgian Tripel

9.5 ABV

Blood Red Rye

Irish Red
5.6 ABV

Traditional Irish Red. Light bodied with roasted and caramel notes. The addition of Rye Malt to the grain bill adds complexity and lends a spicy, herbaceous element.  As if that wasn’t enough, we added dark organic maple syrup, which delivers woody/floral aromas and a dry finish.


8.25 ABV

DDH honey double India pale ale.

Crusader’s Covenant

Coffee Nut Brown Ale
4.7 ABV

This beer perfectly combines our Mercenary with a blend of Covenant Coffee.

Daily Bread

5.2 ABV

As traditional a hefeweizen as you are likely to find outside of Bavaria. While this Hef might not be sanctified, we sure think it’s at least blessed. Unlike most American Hefs, this wheat beer strikes a balance between the banana and clove flavors, trading in-your face banana for a complex blend of flavors. Rich and bready but still delicate and drinkable, this beer will have you praying for it daily.

Dunkel Brot

5.1 ABV

“Dark Bread” in German, Dunkel Brot is the sister beer to our Daily Bread. This Bavarian-Style wheat beer has the same banana and clove flavors with the addition of rich caramel and cookie notes while still maintaining the same clean drinkability. Prost!

Golden Cross

5.1 ABV

Traditional Kölsch-Style ale with a twist.  Fermented cool and clean, lagered, and brewed with Mandarina Bavaria Hops.  Crisp, light-bodied, easy-drinking with a citrus hop twist.


Belgian Session
4.2 ABV

Dry-hopped Belgium session

Highland Heather

Scottish Golden Ale
4.6 ABV

Brewed with Scottish Heather Tips and Sage Honey
Before the discovery of hops, brewers used local botanicals to bitter their beer, balancing it and making it more drinkable. There is no botanical that is more quintessentially Scottish than heather.
This beer was born from our brewer’s love for Scotland and is a reflection of his time living there. Starting with an heirloom British barley recently resurrected, we have blended toasted Scottish Oats, then added Scottish Heather and local sage honey.
This beer is easy drinking, clean, but complex. Rich toasted notes meet flavors of honey and green tea.


Tart Apricot IPA
7.1 ABV

A white IPA, featuring pale wheat malt lending a rich body while still being highly drinkable. Dry hopped with loads of Centennial and Amarillo, then fermented on local Mirray Farms organic Apricots lending a strong apricot profile and a bright acidity.


West Coast IPA
6.7 ABV

A West-Coast IPA whose clean bitterness will have you rethinking the style if you’re not already a hop-head and loving it even more if you are.  Illuminated uses Bravo, Calypso, and Azacca to bring light to darkness.  Notes of grapefruit and citrus blend with melon and berries.


Session IPA
4.8 ABV

A front-line IPA. This session strength American IPA is packed with hop flavor from Bravo, Calypso, and Ekuanot hops. Don’t underestimate the hip flavor of this beer just because it’s highly sessionable. This brew will kick your door in and smack you in the face with a citrusy grapefruit bitterness, and follow up with flavors of tropical fruit, melon, and berry.


Pale Ale
4.3 ABV

British Style Pale. Light-bodied and drinkable with an even malt/hop balance.  Notes of biscuit and Caramel malt blend with a new hop variety “Jester”.  Imported from the UK, Jester blends British and American Hop profiles so well you’ll think we’re joking when we tell you it’s British.


English Nut Brown Ale
5% ABV

English nut brown ale


5.0 ABV

American Noble Pilsner


5.7 ABV

Our special 2019 Oktoberfest release.


Viking Saison
7.8 ABV

Red Death

Irish Red
8.5 ABV

First Anniversary celebration beer. This is the double version of our Blood Red Rye.


Hoppy German Pilsner
4.8 ABV

Silk Road

Oatmeal Stout
7.5 ABV

Oatmeal export stout with brown sugar.


Pale Ale

We call this a “German” Pale Ale.  This is what we imagine would happen if a German brewer wanted to make an American Pale Ale.  Brewed will 100% German and Continental malts, we then added Hallertau Magnum, Mandarina Bavaria, and Loral.  All of these hops have German pedigrees, but give a new world fruitiness.  Look for a clean, crisp malt profile with notes of lemon zest and mandarin orange.

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