Our Team


Chris McEnulty

Chris was raised in Bakersfield, graduating from Stockdale High School and CSUB. Chris’s relationship with great beer started during a summer trip in Sweden when he was 19. After experiencing a culture steeped in beer tradition, Chris was hooked. He returned to the States, bought his first homebrewing kit and book from Lengthwise, and has been brewing ever since. Chris spent his college years working in bars and restaurants before graduating and working as a high school teacher here in Bakersfield.

But Scotland called, and Chris left for graduate studies at the University of Edinburgh. While studying archaeology and history, Chris found time for extracurriculars, namely JuJitsu and Beer. Again, he found himself captivated by British pub and beer Culture. After graduating from Edinburgh he returned to the U.S. and worked for a local non-profit, before being hired as a law enforcement officer. Through it all, Chris continued to brew and refine his beer recipes. After an on-the-job injury forced him out of law enforcement, he began brewing more with Bailey and the idea for Crusader Brewing Company was born.

Chris brings his passion for the amazing beers of Europe together with the west coast brewing style that permeates California. Together with the camaraderie he experienced in his years as a law enforcement officer, Chris hopes to introduce Bakersfield to new styles of beer and a new culture of beer drinking.

Bailey Hale

Bailey has an extensive background in management. As an army combat veteran and supervisor for the County of Kern, Bailey has experience in managing personnel, work flow, budgets, inventory management, Lean 6 Sigma, and logistics which allow him to apply his expertise to managing the business as General Manager and VP.

Bailey joined the army when he was a Jr in high school, as a helicopter mechanic. After a few years he transferred into a position that would allow him to be a flight engineer on a fixed wing aircraft. While on deployment to Iraq Bailey was promoted to sergeant and received the Army Air Metal for valor after taking repeated small arms fire and rocket ordnance fire while on duty. He also received a commendation for his leadership and problem solving-abilities. Bailey knows how to remain calm in stressful situations and think clearly to solve problems. He knows the importance of communication, organization and deadlines.

After Bailey's 8 year enlistment with the army, Bailey worked for the San Joaquin Valley Railroad where he was a signal maintainer. Bailey learned this new trade quickly and began training new employees electrical and mechanical theories of railroad crossings. Bailey learned the importance of working long hours to get the job done and being available at all hours, day and night.

Bailey currently works for the County of Kern as a Supervisor where he has learned about managing personnel, workflow, budgets, inventory management, and received Lean 6 Sigma certification. Bailey also began his brewing journey as a home brewer. Bailey's background in maintenance and management along with a passion for great beer, is what motivates him in this journey into the craft beer industry.